Travel Information

In Kenya, you either swim in the Indian Ocean or in our pool. The tides are in the ocean are pretty intense (change all 6 hours). We recommend wearing bathing shoes during low tide because of the coral and sea urchins. 

Snorkeling fans should definitely bring their snorkeling equipment.


The currency in Kenya is the Kenya-Shilling. Exchange currencies are the Euro and Dollar. All common credit cards are accepted. You can also comfortably take out cash with an EC – card. 

We recommend exchanging only a small amount into Kenya-Shilling in Germany (or other European countries), because the exchange rate from Euro into Kenya-Shilling is considerably better in Kenya!


A visa is required for German citizens. Passport must be valid for at least another 6 months and return – or continuation ticket must be presented. The visa can be issued by entry at the aeroport. The required forms are obtained in the aeroplane. Costs per Person: 40,- Euro ( 50,- Dollar).

The German child´s identity card is recognized. The entry of a child in the passport of a parent is also sufficient.


 Be sure to take enough film materials with. Accus can be charged in our house. National flag, military, police and photgraphs of the president may not be photographed. Please ask for permission before taking any photographs of native citizens.

If you have a video camera in your baggage, you can have this written into your passport from the customs officials at the aeroport free of charge.


Do not drink tap water and avoid ice cubes. When sunbathing, especially the first few days, look for shaded places. When snorkeling, wear a t-shirt. 

We suggest that children wear special sun-protection clothing while swimming and playing on the beach – trust us please for we have had some negative experiences! 

The best protection against mosquitoes is Authan. This is especially important at dusk.


Normal tetanus, diphtheria and polio vaccines should be up to date. Hepatitis A and B vaccines, as well as malaria prophylaxis are strongly recommended.

Please consult your doctor.

If travelling to Tanzania, a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory.


Kenya is a perfect holiday spot for children, as long as the health tips are followed.

The beach declines gradually, the sand is soft and white an there are seashells to the heart´s desire! The water has a constant “bathwater” temperature. At low tide, you can take a walk along the reef and observe the crabs. 

Children 5 years and older can easily go along on a two-day safari to Tsavo-East or a day´s excursion in the Shimba-Hills.



Remember, you´re in the tropics!  During the entire year it´s warm on the coast. Light summer clothing is all you need. A sunhat for walks along the beach is highly recommended. A jacket or warm sweater is only necessary on safari during the “morning stalk”.


On the coast, tropical ocean climate, high humidity and a steady pleasant Monsoon wind dominate.  During the rainy season (April until June), strong showers provide cooling, afterwards it becomes hot again.


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Everything that is needed daily, as well as additional diarrhoea medication, skin creme or powder for irritated skin. Most medications are available in Kenya and the medical care is secured. Be certain to take out a travel insurance to cover costs.


Handiwork from natural materials, jewelry, cloth, soapstone, wooden carvings, Kenyan coffee and tea are desirable souvenirs.


The native language is Kisuaheli (Swahili). English is the business langauge.


Taxis and buses (matatus) travel between the house, the shopping areas all the way to Mombasa. If going by taxi, the price should be arranged before the ride.


Duty-free import allows for: 200 cigarettes or 225g tobacco and 1 liter of spirits per adult.

 ATTENTION: Do not attempt to export any shells, coral or similar. This is strongly forbidden and anyone guilty will be punished.